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A full suite of home loans services

Whether you want to buy your first home, or refinance your existing home – we are here to guide you through the process and make sure you secure a competitive deal.
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Guiding you through the process

For first timers, buying a home can feel daunting. We work alongside you so you know what's going on every step of the way.
Government grants
We'll advise you on which government grants you may be eligible for, and then show you how to apply.
Getting you approved
We know what the banks are looking for and can craft a compelling loan application – always making sure you secure finance you a can live with.
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Level up your home

If you're ready to move to your next home, we can help you leverage your equity and repayment history, to secure a competitive deal.
Leverage your equity
You've worked hard to own a home of your own, and now it's time to make the equity you've built work hard for you.
Liaising with other property pros
We know you're busy, which is why we'll liaise with your lender, real estate agent, buyers agent, and conveyancer on your behalf.
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Build your own home

There are a lot of reasons you might want to build your own home, and the important part is making sure you have purpose-built finance behind you. This is where we come in!
Staged release of funds
The funds are released as you reach each milestone of the new home build.
While the build is underway, you'll only need to pay interest – not the principal.
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Get a better deal on your existing loan

Home loan land is competitive and constantly shifting. What suited you two years ago may not be your best bet today.
Repricing your loan
We can negotiate with your existing lender to try to secure more favourable terms on your home loan.
Refinancing your loans
We'll scour the market for competitive offers, and then handle the process of switching lenders.
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Hear from our clients

We're dedicated to our clients and their success
"Campbell and Barr team is well connected in the industry, thrives when others struggle to deliver, and most importantly turns my issues into opportunities.

I regard them as a key financing partner in my investment journey, and would gladly recommend their services to anyone with financing needs."
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Working together

A simple and streamlined approach to finance
Let's meet
We'll ask you a lot of questions about your goals and situation.
Your options
It's time to choose from one of our expert recommendations.
Make it happen
Your loan application will be handled by us, on your behalf.
And beyond
We're with you well after the ink has dried.
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Campbell and Barr are experienced mortgage and finance brokers who help people invest in property with confidence. With extensive business acumen, we understand what makes a good business decision, and an astute investment. We're here to help ambitious people thrive and prosper with switched on, ethical guidance.
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Your full financial situation and requirements need to be considered prior to any offer and acceptance of a loan product.
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